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Hello! I'm Jayson Sarino. I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from STI College Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines major in Web Development. have worked on web application and software application.

I have good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery, Javascript, Agile Development, Jira, Git/BitBucket, and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

I am flexible to project demands and shifting priorities. I thrive in unfamiliar situations and enjoy opportunities to learn and gain exposure to new ideas and experiences. I am open and willing to learn whatever is necessary to accomplish my client's goal.



Apr 2009 - June 2009 Automotive Interiors Corporation

Developed and maintained web application for coop grocery.

Successfully managed web application projects in Finance Department.

System Engineer

Jun 2010 - Jan 2011 Toyota Autoparts Philippines, Inc.

Developed and maintained in-house software application for Purchasing section.

Worked with a team of developers to manage large scale projects.

Collaborated with senior developer to create a project model and timeline.

ASP and PHP Programmer

Jul 2011 - Oct 2014 Clarmil Manufacturing Inc.

Developed and maintained in-house web application systems.

Created business by meeting with clients to gather scopes and requirements, design site, structures and timeline schedules

Successfully managed web projects in Purchasing, Finance, Warehouse Department.

Integrated barcode features in production workflow.

Maintained web application system and SQL Server.

Senior Web Application Developer

Nov 2014 - Sep 2015 Research Data and Media Group Inc.

Worked closely with company owners and project managers to manage workloads, define deliverables and ensure compliance with established company processes..

Developed and maintained company commercial website front-end and back-end.

Spearheaded a team of web developers to managed complex projects; developed requirements, tasks assignment and tracked schedules while ensuring project activities aligned with business objectives.

Developed custom API Integration.


Freelance PHP Programmer

Sep 2016 - Feb 2018 Highrise Development Group LLC

Played an integral role in developing and maintaining internal database used by all departments such as company’s web-based central admin system and monitoring. Developed and maintained company websites from front-end to back-end.

Handled all aspects of company’s business campaign including website, website maintenance, central admin system and API integration.

Devised customized API for company’s websites.

Freelance PHP Programmer

Sep 2016 - Present Multiple Company

Responsible for establishing and leading highly complex and/or enterprise-wide, cross-functional strategic initiatives and projects that deliver business value while ensuring company security and compliance.

Improve system performance and functionality through cutting-edge design strategy for an enterprise database system; established standards for database operations, programming, and security for corporate clients.

Manage complex projects and maintains client’s existing system.

Developed and manage core programming and design structures.

Demonstrate expertise by solving customer tickets ensuring a pleasant customer experience, diagnosing and solving customer issues.

Collaborate with Senior Developer, coordinating tasks like schedule, maintaining project documentation to deliver results on deadlines.

Industry Knowledge

Web Development

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Web Applications

Software Development Life Cycle

Web Services

Web Developer

Software Development

Agile Methodologies

Project Management

Analytics and Problem Solving

Algorithms and Data Structures

Tools & Technologies


MySQL Database

Microsoft SQL Server


Javascript, jQuery and AJAX


ASP Classic

Visual Basic .NET






Seminars Attended

Shaping the Future of Retail, Integrated Computer Systems Inc.

March 2014 Clarmil Manufacturing Inc.

Warehouse System Workshop, GenieTech Inc.

November 2013 Clarmil Manufacturing Inc.

Expand Your Server, Macrologic Inc.

October 2013 Clarmil Manufacturing Inc.

Go Beyond Business, Microsoft Dynamics Nav

July 2013 Clarmil Manufacturing Inc.

SELinux, Bluepoint

April 2013 Clarmil Manufacturing Inc.

Hilsoft Web-based ERP, Hillsoft Inc.

January 2013 Clarmil Manufacturing Inc.

Knowledge, Insight, Power, Microsoft Dynamics Nav

November 2012 Clarmil Manufacturing Inc.

The WAN Revolution, IBM

November 2011 Clarmil Manufacturing Inc.


Graduated Outstanding Best Thesis of the Year 2010

May 2010 STI College Santa Rosa Laguna

Digital Arts Competition Winner

Feb 2010 STI College Santa Rosa Laguna

Into Programming Competition Participants

Feb 2010 STI College Santa Rosa Laguna

My Services

Responsive Design

Web Design

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